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Rheinblick Golf Course Poster
Rheinblick Golf Course Restaurant poster featuring the 18th hole, by Matt Hood, Graphics Without Borders


Wiesbaden Original (4 Views)

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This original poster by Matt Hood was months in the making and has become a sought-after souvenir among the lucky Americans who have gotten to – at least briefly – call Wiesbaden home.

All prints are locally printed and then hand signed and individually numbered. No two are the same.

This horizontal version of the poster features four separate views of our gorgeous spa town. From left, the Russian Orthodox Church — known locally as the Griechische Kapelle — stands sentinel in the hills north of the town. Luisenplatz is home to the city’s oldest Catholic Church, St. Bonifatius and an equestrian statue that honors those how died fighting Napoleon. The Kurhaus has drawn generations worth of visitors to its calming and rejuvenating parkland setting. And the imposing Marktkirche, which survived Allied bombing in WWII, is center stage in Wiesbaden’s main square.

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