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Okay.Technically, it's a one-man operation... And there's more than one cat.

Graphics Without Borders is the creative company of Matt Hood, a freelance artist living near Frankfurt, Germany.

Matt is a child of the 80s, born and raised near Kansas City. He left Kansas after college and has since lived and worked in Washington, D.C.; Moscow, Russia; Paris, France; and now Wiesbaden, Germany. Each new location — and cultural immersion — has informed and influenced Matt’s work.

Matt’s professional background is in daily journalism. (He spent almost a decade as a designer and graphics editor at The Washington Post.) But there was always an artist underneath. And his unique background might make him the exact artist or illustrator that you or your publication is looking for.

He starts a piece with a sensible, Midwestern aesthetic. He expands it a bit with the cultural and creative influences of years living abroad. And then he ties it all up with his journalistic, no-nonsense ability to collaborate and make something beautiful before deadline.

Use the contact form to get in touch, and see if Matt Hood’s Graphics Without Borders might be the artistic solution you need.

Past Clients:

  • The Washington Post
  • University of Kansas Endowment Association
  • USA Triathlon Magazine


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