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Rheinblick Golf Course Poster
Rheinblick Golf Course Restaurant poster featuring the 18th hole, by Matt Hood, Graphics Without Borders

Nursery Nameplate


I created this custom wall hanging for a good friend’s first granddaughter. I tried to carefully thread the needle of creative freedom and copyright infringement here while providing something that would go well with the Disney-owned nursery theme chosen by Mack’s parents.

"Thank you so much for the incredible artwork! I will treasure that forever, I am in awe of it!"
North Carolina

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    ... for bigger kids too!

    In 2020, Ian’s mom asked if I could do a custom poster for her Minecraft-obsessed 11-year-old. In this poster, “Ian” is written in the Minecraft font. Ian’s avatar wears the boy’s favorite shirt, shorts and Crocs. And Ian’s best friend, the family dog, costars. 

    Minecraft-themed Poster
    • Date:

      Spring 2019

    • Media:

      vector illustration, Adobe Illustrator

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