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Rheinblick Golf Course Poster
Rheinblick Golf Course Restaurant poster featuring the 18th hole, by Matt Hood, Graphics Without Borders

Faux Antique Portrait

Good friend Matt Henry departed Germany in March 2019 and headed back to The States after five years and countless deliberately-missed opportunities to learn even the most basic German phrases.
This was how his office decided to mark his going away. I started with a low-resolution copy of Pompeo Batoni’s 1778 portrait of Francis Basset. I composed a Photoshop document full of reference photos that represented a half-dozen inside jokes specific to Herr Henry. (He collects antique furs and his coworkers say he has the social subtlety of the Hormone Monster from Netflix’s “Bigmouth” to name a few.) Then using my pressure sensitive Wacom Tablet, I added dozens of layers of digital paint of varying transparencies. Not too unlike my old days of actual oil painting, except here I had the handy Undo key!
  • Date:

    March 2019

  • Media:

    Photo collage, Photo illustration, Adobe Photoshop, Wacom Tablet

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